Is Addiction Always Bad?

I think obsession in any form it takes can be detrimental so I guess I just answered my own question. I’m addicted to making potholders. For now the addiction is not disrupting my life so I shall ride this wave. I’m hoping with each one I make I will get better. Buying a walking foot for my machine turned out to be a good move. Its a necessity for sewing through all the layers of fabric. With my regular foot this stuff would not move. So far I’ve only made two and both are for my mom. The next few I make will be for me. So here is the newest one.

I need to get a little better at closing the hole through which you turn it right side out after sewing. If you look at the top near the loop you can see where its a bit wonky.

The quilting was just done in a simple square pattern. The squares are by no means equal.  I suppose I could have measured and drawn them on equal before quilting, but then how special would that have been ha ha ha. Next time I quilt I will look into drawing the pattern before quilting since the goal is to get better at this stuff. Making these potholders was really fun and really fast. Here is the final set of two.

I got the pattern from this website. Craftzine

Hard Hard Labor

This weekend not much knitting was done.  We decided to put a planter in the backyard beneath our living room windows. This part of the yard was just grass. It’s extremely rocky and hard to dig in our yard so we rented a tiller and got rid of all the grass. Then we had to mix in compost and manure and dig more all of this in 100 degree heat. Before we started we visited a nursery and bought some plants that do well in our Texas heat. Unfortunately we dont remember what be bought and the receipt doesn’t say.  As we picked out the plants we read about them and made sure they were what we needed. I do know we got some Lion’s Tail some Obedient Plants and some Blackfoot Daisy’s. Unfortunately when trying to remove one of the Daisy’s from the pot my daughter killed one but that was the only casualty. After we got everything planted and mulched we realized it looked horrible without a border so we went to Walmart and got the same kind of stones that we have bordering our front yard planter. Then we had to dig a trench to place the stones. So like I said lots of hard, hard labor. All the while we were a feast for the mosquitos. My daughter has at least 20 bites on each arm. She also has bites on her legs and face. We didn’t think she would be outside that much so she wasn’t wearing long sleeves. I feel horrible for her. My husband I didn’t go unscathed but we didn’t get it as bad as her. So here is what we did.

This was all before we really cleaned up but Im quite happy with the finished product. Now hopefully my callouses wont keep me from knitting to much.

Kinda Quilting?

I figured making a quilted pot holder would be a good way to test the quilting waters. I can see how it could be fun if you aren’t worried about being to precise when you are doing the actual quilting part.  The thought of quilting a whole blanket on my machine kinda makes me nauseous, but I’m far from that point so I won’t think about it.

I tried to go for a zig zag pattern. You can see how some stitches are really long and some are really small. I was kind of finding a rhythm and figuring out how to make the stitches the size I wanted them but Im still very bad at it. Im quite excited though I quilted something.

I tried to put my moms initial on it. Its supposed to be a J ha haha.

This is how the potholder looks overall front and then the back.

Yeah, like I said it’s wonky, but I love it!  If my mom doesn’t like it I will adopt it.

Back to Knitting

My Nugatory socks are finished. The pattern is by Hunter Hammersen.

I love these socks. They were knit out of the April Cookie A yarn. Its Sokkusu Original in River Styx.  This pattern came in one size which didnt work for me. I had to make the pattern bigger to fit my large feet. Being a tight knitter I already knit on size two needles so I dont like to go up a needle size to make a bigger sock. So I usually have to figure out a way to make a pattern bigger. I added some ribbing panels to the sock and figured my own decreases to have the pattern travel down the top of the sock like in the original pattern. I think its a 64 stitch sock and mine had to go up to 80 stiches.

I really need to get better at taking pictures of my socks but its hard when you are the model and the photographer. I realize now that you cant even see the cuff of the sock in the pictures. Its just ribbing.  This sock pattern is incredibly easy and I memorized it after one repeat. So now I’m back down to three wip’s. I might have to change my rule and up my maximum allowed wip’s to four. We will see, allowing for more projects seems like a slippery slope.