On ravelry I named these socks mistake. I thought for sure this yarn and this pattern wouldn’t turn into something I liked, but I knit on anyway. Usually I wouldn’t recommend continuing to knit when your gut is telling you to stop but in this case it worked out for me. These socks were made with Lorna’s Laces Solemate in the colorway Tickled Pink. The pattern is Charade by Sandra Park.  These were knit two at once on two circulars.

I love pink and I’m pleasantly surprised with how these socks striped.

Above is my attempt at a close up of the stitch pattern.

Nothing fancy just my beloved standard short row heel.  This yarn isn’t a fancy mcn or anything but I like it. It’s one of those good yarns that feels like it will hold up to wear and tear. This is my first time using Lorna’s Laces. I have another skein of Solemate in my stash and I’m glad I took a chance on this yarn.

I’m wearing these socks today to see if the Solemate yarn lives up to its claims of regulating feet temperature. Its 71 degrees in my house and over  100 hundred degrees outside. My feet tend to be cold so we will see if I can wear my socks during the Texas summer in the house.

So I broke my own rule and had four projects going at a time after vowing to never go over three. Right now Im back down to two and I’m itching to cast on a new sock.  I’m on the second sock of another project and I have one shawl that I’ve abandoned.  Controlling the startitis is going well.

And Another

Here is a sock I finished today. It should have been finished like three weeks ago but as usual I got sidetracked. The yarn is Sweet Georgia Boheme and the pattern is Georgia On My Mind by Leslie Thompson.  Gotta love a pattern by someone who shares my first name. It was a very simple pattern, but in my opinion it tamed this yarn.

For some reason I’m taking pictures of my socks on my sewing cutting board. I never claimed to be a good photographer. I’m hoping this skein of yarn is one of the last few of the wildly variegated yarns I have left in my stash. I did just buy a somewhat crazy skein (remember gamut?) but it was the first in a long time.  I should have another pair of socks finished soonish, but they are my nighttime tv socks so they only get a few rows a night.  I wake up before 8am now that I’m a responsible mother of two so that means I’m pretty sleepy by 10 or 11. Oh how things change. I remember going to bed at 6am, but I digress. Happy Knitting.

First Sock Club FO

Just popping in to show my first sock club pattern that  I finished. These are the Cookie A June socks. Solfar Socks


I plan on knitting both socks that were provided for the month of June. I love both of the patterns. I knit the socks in seven days, which I believe is a personal best. The Plucky Knitter Primo is fabulous. Its 385 yards which should be plenty but I was scared I would run out of yarn. On the second sock I accidentally stopped two rows shorter on the pattern than on the other sock but I dont think anyone will notice :)


Every weekend we go to Lowe’s its become a joke amongst our family members.  “What did you do this weekend, go to Lowes?” Our answer is always yes. We love looking at and usually buying plants and seeds. Its become our thing. So now onto the pictures. This picture is of our prize winning squash. Its the largest one we’ve harvested so far. It’s kind of funny since we thought a huge storm killed the plant but it came back like a champ and made this….

Just so you can tell how big it is its next to a big can of Pam. This picture doesnt do it justice. Its bigger than any summer squash Ive seen in the grocery store.

This is one of our tomato plants. Its as tall as my husband hes over 6 feet tall. The planter is about two feet tall so that plant is at least 4 feet tall.

This is our lantana in the front yard. They have gone crazy this year and they are good drought resistant plants so they havent required much maintenance but provide great color.

This is the lemon tree. Its a short little tree but its producing major fruit. These fruit stayed in a teeny tiny small stage for a very long time and now they are just growing really fast.

This is some broccoli. We have no idea when its going to turn into actual broccoli.

These are my beloved lima beans. I’m the only lima bean fan in the house.

These are the beans developing up close. We have no idea how to tell when they are mature, but thats what google is for.

These are new pots with bulbs and stuff in them. These line our whole backyard patio. We added 4 more today. These cute little colorful pots come from walmart. I love the colors.

These are our herbs. All the herbs were grown from seed except for the Rosemary.


Cilantro and parsley

Oregano and basil

Most of our vegetables and stuff were grown from seed. At first I was thinking that was a bad idea but its really more gratifying seeing it go from just dirt to a plant instead of just putting a plant in the ground and seeing it grow bigger. Thats just been my experience.

Well thats it for now folks. I need to stop getting into these addictive and money consuming hobbies. Anyone else out there blogging about their gardens?