The bitter taste of tangled yarn

The day started innocently enough. I had decided to frog a long languishing pair of socks that were to small. So I did that and I rounded up all the yarns that I had frogged in the past. I decided I was going to split them all into two balls and wind them for use in the future to keep them neat and tidy. I’ve also decided to go back to two socks at a time when I can so thats why I split them all. Here is a picture of the goings ons

You see that red skein of yarn? Its the Cookie A February sock club shipment. It looks so innocent there doesn’t it….. It was going to become a pair of  My Vampire Boyfriend socks..notice the use of the word was.  So things were going swimmingly. I was remembering names of really old yarns and brands etc. I got all the yarn wound and separated with no problems. I get to the Alisha Goes Around from February and all hell broke loose.

Tangled beyond redemption. I dont have the patience or the time to work on it. I’m not one of those good un tanglers. I’m going to have my husband look at it when he gets home but most likely it will get chucked. Such a shame it was a pretty yarn. Normally I would cry or be in a bad mood for the rest of the day but I kept my cool and let it go. There are worse things that can happen in life.

I did finish some sewing though. I made this pillow for my mom. I purchased a class at and I learned how to make french seams while doing this it’s a pretty nifty way of having no raw edges.

It has one of those backs where you can slip in a new pillow if neccesary.

Other than the tangled yarn things are going well. I only have one pair of socks on the needles, and one shawl, and one hibernating cardigan. My chiaogoo needles will arrive today and my knitting and yarn are orderly. I dont feel overwhelmed by wip’s or my sock yarn anymore. So thats a good day if you ask me.

It’s raining finished objects

So I decided my primary goal lately was to finish up items that had been in progress for a long time. These socks were started on December 8th 2011. Oh the shame, but they are finally finished.  The pattern is Calcerous by Hunter Hammerson . As any loyal readers may already know I dont do heel flaps or gussets so this sock got a little wonky in the pattern around the heel. I failed to realize there was a seperate chart for the top of the foot during the gusset decrease time. Well here they are.


There is this teeny tiny little swirl above the last two on the foot. It would have looked different if i had followed the gusset chart thing but the short row heel just fits me better. I think I might give the heel flap thing another shot just so I can do a sock as written. I wish short rows were used more in patterns.

Ive got one more sock that has been on the needles for a long time and tonight I’m going to asses it for frogging or completion. Then I will be down to a manageable number of wip’s.


The Daylily Shawl by Judy Marples is finished! This is the second shawl I’ve knit designed by her and it wont be the last. They are so pretty and are always interesting to knit so far.

Here is a picture that shows off the pattern better.

It was so fast knitting a shawl in sport weight yarn. Its a semi-circle shape. My first real shawl was triangular so this was a nice change. I ran out of yarn and didnt get to finish the edging chart so it looks just a little bit wonky.

I need to figure out how to block out the top into a perfect semi-circle but I got all my points even. Next time I would like to have the points block out more dramatically but I’m still learning how to block lace correctly. So far Im happy with my progress as far as learning how to block. I started a new shawl. Its the Percy shawl by Sanne Kalkman. There were four contenders in all for the next shawl but my husband helped and picked Percy.

So I pull out my hiya hiya interchangeable set which I was perfectly happy with before, and now I realize I hate it. My 32 inch cable is twisted and hard to work with and the tips are BLUUUUUNNNNT. It was driving me crazy so I switched to some cheapy bamboo needle that I bought on amazon and even that was better. I went on ebay and ordered a chiaogoo in the size Im using to try those out. I ALMOST (and I mean I was very very close) bought an addi clicks set, but then I remembered I had a set of knitpicks interchangeables in wood and nickel. The addi clicks and the knitpicks dont go down to a size three which is the size Im using. If I’m using a size four and up knitpicks work just fine so Im glad I came to my senses before spending 170.00 on an addi click set.  I hope I like the chiaogoo needle because Im becoming dissatisfied with the hiya hiya cable. After many years of monogamy with them for my sock knitting it might be time for a new needle. The knitpicks join on their fixed circulars snag my yarn sometimes and the hiya hiya join has broken on me on their fixed circulars and that was just with knitting socks.  It just snapped apart where the plastic is hard and meets the needle. I know there are no perfect needles but I’m hoping with the chiaogoo maybe it will work better. If not I will try an addi lace fixed and see what I like. Or maybe I should just go back to knitting socks on dpn’s ……(highly unlikely).  If anyone has any experience with the chiaogoo or addi fixed circulars I would love to hear it. I’ve read the ravelry threads and it seems pretty split between all the circ makers.

Firsts…and seconds

When I knit I never knit anything twice, well so far I haven’t. I guess things will be different with sewing. My daughter loved the sprocket pillow I made for my mom so I had to make her one.

My husband thinks this one came out better than the first one. He felt the first one was overstuffed etc, etc.  I think sewing has that first pancake syndrome. You know when you make that first pancake its not that pretty and its a little wonky and you either give it to the person who doesn’t care or the person you like the least. Now I happen to disagree. I think the first sprocket pillow came out just fine. I guess its a matter  of preference.

Well the sprocket pillow was the part of this post devoted to seconds, now we move on to firsts. I got my first skein of lace weight yarn. It’s quite heavenly. It’s a skein of  Tosh Lace in the colorway Curiosity. Its a whopping 950 yards of  100% superwash merino. It’s very soft and I’m very excited to get started on my first lace weight shawl.

In other firsts my little son turned one yesterday. He’s my last baby so its kind of sad. He had a nice little party and smashed cake all over his face as required.

The third first is that I’ve become a secret collector. I  never thought I would be one of those people who hoard a specific brand of yarn. I’ve decided I’m going to try and get my hands on as many colors of malabrigo sock as possible. This may be expanded to lace and other weights in the future. This is a secret though. If it becomes a problem I will tell my husband so he can joykill. So here is the newest colorway to join the family. His name is Archangel.

I got him through a destash on ravelry. I really must stop reading the destash forum. Fin