So I’ve finished my second shawl. It was a joy to knit, but I have mixed feelings about it. I don’t know if I will ever use it. Even though it was fun to knit is it worthwhile to spend time on something you will never use? The kids are fighting over it though. My three year old actually hid it from me. I used Swans Island Organic Merino for it. The yardage they give is pretty hefty so I decided to knit until I was almost out of yarn and then bind off. Well that didn’t go as planned. I was in denial and ran out of yarn twice. So I had to tink back the bind off about three times! I always thought I was smarter than that but apparently I’m not.

I’m not to good at making points on these things yet but the blocking is going way better. The pattern is Harmony Shawl by Judy Marples. She has lots of shawl patterns that I want to knit. The colorway is Garnet.

I guess its not a total waste if my daughter enjoys it this much. So I guess I will keep knitting shawls since it makes me happy.

Day Trippin

Yesterday we went to Austin, its about an hour drive from where we live.  We went to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The weather was nice and we saw a lot of nice flowers that will do well in our area. They had some big sculptures…


This is just a small sampling of some of the pretty things we saw

I don’t remember the names of all of these flowers but they are all Texas Natives I believe.

I know this pink one above is some kind of yucca.

I had planned on doing an Austin yarn crawl but the baby was really grumpy yesterday so we rushed our trip a bit. I did go to one yarn shop, called Hill Country Weavers, and they carried yarn that my lys doesn’t. They had some Madelinetosh and Sweet Georgia, and the yarn pictured below its called Solstice. Ive heard of Madtosh and I’ve knitted with Sweet Georgia but the Solstice I had never heard of. Its a very soft MCN. I’ve never used Madtosh before but it didn’t seem very twisty to me which made me think that it would be splitty. I wanted to do more research before I bought any of it. I love Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock but they only had variegated skeins and I can’t go down that road again. Variegated yarn to me is like that guy that is oh so sexy, but you know if you take him home it will be a short love affair that ends in heartache. I must learn from my mistakes. Nice and safe semi-solids for me thank you.

I had planned on spending a lot more on yarn but going to a strange yarn shop was kind of overwhelming for me. I didn’t feel comfortable browsing. The people at the shop that I did visit were very very friendly and inviting its just a flaw in my personality. Plus I had my daughter in the store with me, and at 3.75 years of age she must touch everything. It was so cute, there was an elderly couple in there and she had her man picking out the type of yarn he wanted for socks. Maybe one day that will be me and my husband if we are lucky!

We had the best frozen custard at a place called Sandy’s. I wish I had bought about three cones and ate them simultaneously. After I finished my one small cone I wanted more. (I told my husband to get me a large but I must get over that). So now that I’ve discovered frozen custard Im going to hit all the frozen custard places that I know of in town here (I believe its only two). One is really close to my house so hopefully it will be just as good, or maybe not I don’t need a new junk food to fall in love with. In Texas you have to try and do all your fun summer stuff before mid May after that its just too hot!

Well I’m off to read some blogs to see what fun stuff others have been up to. Happy Knitting

Malabrigo Monday

I wish I could say that Malabrigo Monday will be a regular feature of this blog but alas it wont be, just so happens I bought Malabrigo and it was Monday.  I went to my lys looking to buy some Malabrigo Finito but upon handling it it wasn’t that much softer than the perfection that is Malabrigo Sock and it cost more so I passed on that. I did get two skeins of Malabrigo sock , this colorway is called Light of Love.  I’ve been having an internal dialogue over whether or not this color was to pink for me but after seeing it in person I liked it a lot.

I bought two because I think I want to make a big shawl with it. Then in a shocking non fingering weight purchase I bought some sport weight Malabrigo Arroyo …

I think this colorway is called Purpuras. I’ve never seen this colorway before but then again I only look at their fingering weights. Im going to make a Daylily Shawl with it. I have also started my collection of hiya hiya sharps. I have tons of hiya hiya needles for my sock knitting but lately the blunt tips have been a source of frustration. So now I have to build up a collection of the sharps. I don’t know how much people like seeing pictures of needles but here ya go

In my last post I said I didn’t know if I was going to be buying any of these due to the lack of a 16 inch circular but lo and behold they had some at my lys. So I got a 24 inch and a 16 inch. So after this massive purchase  (well massive for me anyway) I felt guilty. I’m used to yarn trickling in one skein at a time. I told my husband he just had to acknowledge mothers day since I went out and bought all this yarn. I felt better and he was happy since he doesn’t have to buy me anything other  than flowers or a card. I’m going to Austin on Thursday and I told my husband anytime we travel he has to take me to that city’s lys. So I might get just a teensy bit more yarn this week.  I really need to work on my fabric stash but it seems like thats a little harder because I like to have a project in mind. I don’t know if its advisable to run around buying random size cuts of fabric. I hope everyone is having a good start to their week. I will be back with an Austin post so stay tuned.

Straight Lines

Things have been somewhat quiet around here. We had some veggie seeds fail due to me planting them to deep. I guess you shouldnt plant veggies after you’ve been shoveling dirt all day. You get somewhat sloppy when that tired. So we planted some new seeds (this time my husband did it) and they are sprouting after less than a week. The squash plants are huge and we have teeny tiny tomatoes. Our strawberries are getting eaten by something but they are growing. I will take pictures soon.

What I really came here to talk about is sewing. It seems that I’m finally getting better at it. I can sew reasonably straight lines and my cutting is getting better.  I made a Sprocket Pillow . Its a really cute and easy project. I would have made it in one day but you know family and eating got in the way. The time that it took to make this pillow is important because even the simplest of sewing projects have been taking me weeks. Now that I think about it when I was sewing I was also working and my husband wasn’t home with me to watch the kids while I sewed. So now things should be flying off the needles and off the machine now that I dont work weekends! Enough blah blah blah let me show you my pillow.

I think it came out ok!  I don’t like the way the color blocks lined up and I should have added different fabrics for more variety but hey it looks like a pillow.

I bought this kit to make my own buttons from Joanne’s. Its pretty cool if I had paid more attention I would have centered the flower on the button.


As you can see the lines are straight!  Hopefully the next time I post I will have knitting to show you. I went to home depot today and they had huge blocking boards for only 20 dollars. Well I guess to me they are blocking boards but they were those huge foam mats that people like to block on. I bought those teeny tiny ones at knipicks for over 20 dollars plus shipping.  Next time I need knitting supplies I will try thinking outside of the box. I would luuuuuurrrve to try some hiya hiya sharps but I think they only come in the 24 inch lengths. I like to knit my socks with a 16 inch and a 24 inch circular.  This has been a pretty random post but thats how my mind works!! Well I hope everyone out there on the interwebs are getting more knitting done than I am! If you know of any good beginner sewing projects let me know.