A first

I’ve never run out of yarn on a sock before. I believe it is my fault that it happened this time. This yarn was always destined to be a sock for my husband. Its been hard for me to find a pattern that he liked. So Ive had many false starts. Ive become so comfortable in having tons of yarn leftover after making my socks, that after some of these false starts I didnt frog. I just cut the yarn and threw away the inch or two. I  will never do that again. So I had to use a completely different yarn to finish the toes on these socks.  My husband was a good sport about it but they would have looked so much better in all grey. Whats up with the word grey by the way…Is it gray or grey..I guess I could consult m-w.com but by the time this post is over I probably wont care. I present to you Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku



Im so anxious to photograph my finished projects that I often dont wait for natural light so thats why the pictures are yellow. Plus my husband often doesnt get home before dark.

This is the second pair of socks I’ve knit for my husband. I don’t think I will make anymore for him. Hes a sock hoarder and is quite picky about his socks. He likes knit hats so I will just make him some of those. Has anyone else out there struggled with knitting for a significant other?  Does anyone else find Veggie Tales cartoons kind of scary?