We Built This City

We built a planter this weekend. We started by clearing the ground of as much grass as possible resulting in this…..

Then my husband built the planter. Its made out of cedar. I don’t know much about the details because thats not my department but here are some pictures of that part.




Then we had this. Why yes since you asked, I do make my family give the thumbs up sign in a lot of pictures. The thumbs up thing promotes feelings of achievement and happiness in individuals, thats just a hypothesis I made up to explain my weirdness.

We had to unload two truck loads of “gardening soil” It smelled nice and yucky which means its probably really tasty to plants. It was a lot of hardwork and involved shovels and a wheelbarrow and a rake so you know it wasn’t much fun to me, but the physical activity was great for all involved. The finished result was this….

We have tomatoes, and bell peppers, onions, and strawberries. Those are the only plants you can see. We also planted seeds;  cauliflower, squash, lima beans, and broccoli, and carrots. I hope everything grows well because I gave up my first weekend of not having to work to do this, and my arms are sore so I wont knit as fast as I normally would. The last thing mentioned is a great sacrifice on my part.