On a roll

Ive finished another project. I will ruin this feeling of accomplishment by mentioning these simple socks were started on February 4th and are just now being finished on March 19th. I got sidetracked by a shawl and startitis. In the interim I started many socks and I also started a new shawl the other day.  The pattern for the socks pictured below is Tangled Vines by Chrissy Gardiner.  The pattern was really easy and the chart is only 12 rows long so you feel like you are going really fast when you are knitting them.

They’ve got a seeded rib going down the side and also another vine section running down the front of the sock. The pattern has a short row heel which is my preferred heel anyway.

The toe decreases in the pattern seem to create a pointier toe than what Im used to. I do like the socks though. To abruptly change subjects this weekend we planted a lemon tree and a peach tree. The lemon tree already has little lemons growing on it. We also have a bell pepper plant that has baby peppers on it. It’s weird to me seeing little baby versions of fruit and veggies growing but they are cute. Also I bought an okame cherry tree on ebay. It was a bare root tree so I wasn’t sure how it was going to do but the buds are sprouting leaves, Im  thrilled.  Im going to take some pictures and turn this into a gardening blog in the next post. Well I won’t call myself a gardener yet. I really have no idea what I’m doing but you’ve got to start somewhere. I guess spring has sprung folks. Wherever you are I hope you are enjoying some signs of spring. If not just come back here in the next few days and enjoy some mediocre pictures of spring!

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