New Obsession

I just finished my first proper real lace shawl. I made a garter stitch shawl once but we wont count that. The pattern I completed was one I bought many months ago. The first time I tried it I just couldn’t follow it. I think back then it was to hard for me (but overall the pattern is not hard at all). I guess my skill level just wasn’t there yet.   The pattern is Batik and yarn is Malabrigo in Abril ( looooove Malabrigo).

The magic of blocking is amazing. Ive never properly blocked a lace shawl and the change is just so much fun.  After my last blocking fiasco I was scared but it went well.

The shawl has these tiny cables that I just love. I cant believe I ever cabled with a cable needle. No wonder I hated cables when I first started knitting in earnest.  This colorway by Malabrgio is beautiful. Its got this purple, blue, pink thing going that I just fell in love with. I could knit this colorway fifty more times.  The scary thing is that I don’t want to knit more socks. I want to knit shawls. All I can think about is casting on another shawl. I’m frightened by this new single mindedness.  I don’t know that I will ever wear a shawl but I want to knit thousands of them right now. I didn’t get it before, but I get it now, shawls are the new socks! (Well at least for now, for me anyway).

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