A first

I’ve never run out of yarn on a sock before. I believe it is my fault that it happened this time. This yarn was always destined to be a sock for my husband. Its been hard for me to find a pattern that he liked. So Ive had many false starts. Ive become so comfortable in having tons of yarn leftover after making my socks, that after some of these false starts I didnt frog. I just cut the yarn and threw away the inch or two. I  will never do that again. So I had to use a completely different yarn to finish the toes on these socks.  My husband was a good sport about it but they would have looked so much better in all grey. Whats up with the word grey by the way…Is it gray or grey..I guess I could consult m-w.com but by the time this post is over I probably wont care. I present to you Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku



Im so anxious to photograph my finished projects that I often dont wait for natural light so thats why the pictures are yellow. Plus my husband often doesnt get home before dark.

This is the second pair of socks I’ve knit for my husband. I don’t think I will make anymore for him. Hes a sock hoarder and is quite picky about his socks. He likes knit hats so I will just make him some of those. Has anyone else out there struggled with knitting for a significant other?  Does anyone else find Veggie Tales cartoons kind of scary?


We Built This City

We built a planter this weekend. We started by clearing the ground of as much grass as possible resulting in this…..

Then my husband built the planter. Its made out of cedar. I don’t know much about the details because thats not my department but here are some pictures of that part.




Then we had this. Why yes since you asked, I do make my family give the thumbs up sign in a lot of pictures. The thumbs up thing promotes feelings of achievement and happiness in individuals, thats just a hypothesis I made up to explain my weirdness.

We had to unload two truck loads of “gardening soil” It smelled nice and yucky which means its probably really tasty to plants. It was a lot of hardwork and involved shovels and a wheelbarrow and a rake so you know it wasn’t much fun to me, but the physical activity was great for all involved. The finished result was this….

We have tomatoes, and bell peppers, onions, and strawberries. Those are the only plants you can see. We also planted seeds;  cauliflower, squash, lima beans, and broccoli, and carrots. I hope everything grows well because I gave up my first weekend of not having to work to do this, and my arms are sore so I wont knit as fast as I normally would. The last thing mentioned is a great sacrifice on my part.


Normally I’m anti mailing lists.  I hate junk mail in my mailbox and inbox, but lately I have signed up for Joanne’s and Michaels mailing lists and I’m glad I did.  I had been eyeing this set of coats and clark sewing thread to replace my cheap starter thread. Its a beautiful array of colors along with the quality of coats and clark, alas it was 70 dollars. The product is well worth it but I just couldn’t justify the cost. Then one magical day a 40% off coupon showed up in my inbox, I’m sure you can guess how this story ends….

It came in the mail today and Im quite happy with it. The box has velcro tabs on the side so you can keep the thread in the box and open it and get thread as you need it. There are even some variegated threads included. Some yarn also arrived in the mail today…


Its Malabrigo Sock in Impressionist Sky. Im going to have to join Malabrigo Junkies over on Ravelry. This yarn is so soft. I know some people say it doesn’t hold up well as socks but I havent found that to be true. I have a pair of socks I made with Malabrigo over a year ago and they are my favorite pair, they are holding up very well. I guess peoples mileage will vary. This is now my favorite yarn for shawls and socks until another yarn de thrones it. Plus its not expensive at all, its usually around 20 bucks a skein no matter where you buy it and I think the softness is comparable to a 30 dollar mcn. I want to own every colorway.

What yarn diet?

I recently quit my job to be a stay at home mom, so that means we will have less money overall and especially for yarn. I figured the logical thing to do would be to buy yarn before I couldn’t anymore, so the yarn diet has taken a small hiatus.  I got some beautiful yarn from knitterly things.

I especially love the grey, black and pink skein. Grey, and pink are two of my colors. That skein is called Verbena. The one to the right with the blue in it is called Love Stinks (Yeah, Yeah).  I also have some Malabrigo that I bought off of Ravelry that should arrive in a few days. I also bought a skein of Swans Island Organic Merino fingering. That yarn is already being knit into a shawl and I forgot to take a pciture of it.

Last night we had a really strong storm come through. Our county was under a tornado watch. I don’t believe there was any damage in our city but the weather cooled down and everything looks clean and beautiful today. So I went out and took some pictures of our plants.

This is the new lemon tree. Its quite small but its already growing lemons. I dont know if thats a good thing or not. I would prefer the tree put its energy into becoming a healthy strong tree rather than making fruit as a little tree.


This is a picture of the peach tree. It has the prettiest little pink flowers on it. Its hard to see in the picture.


This is the actual size of the peach tree. Its probably at least 6 feet tall. Its still just a stick really but its growing leaves.


This is the green bell pepper plant. If you look closely you can see the little baby peppers growing. There are at least four. I havent closely inspected it for more though. We are going to build some planters this weekend so the veggies can have a more permanent home.


Here is my baby, the okame cherry tree. It doesnt look like much, but if you saw it when I got it in the mail you would understand. When it came in the mail it was just a stick with roots. The roots were wrapped in wet newspaper. No dirt or anything just a tree in newspaper. I was worried that it wouldn’t grow. The buds are growing leaves now and Im very excited about it.


This is the actual size of the Okame. Its maybe about two feet but its hanging in there.

These are some pictures of the beautiful sky after the storm. I’m not an outdoorsy person by any stretch of the imagination but days like this just make me feel like hiking or biking, but then the sneezing starts and the allergies have me running indoors.

There hasn’t been much knitting today but some days thats ok, especially if you can take your kids outside and let them blow some bubbles.

Life is good!