Sewing 101

I have been doing more knitting than sewing, but as some of you may know the sewing usually goes quicker, especially with beginner projects. So the only fo I have today is a sewn tote bag. There are many errors and its far from perfect but its my second sewing project that came out somewhat decently, and that has been taken out in public.  I love the leaf fabric it was purchased on etsy.  The pattern is from Sew What! Bags by Lexie Barnes.  This book is really good for the beginner who wants to sew some bags and pick up some sewing skills along the way. Well here is the bag:




My stitching is still not very straight and I thought I centered the pocket but alas its slightly off center . The bag is supposed to be reversible but I ran out of fabric somehow so one part of the interior has this patchwork effect going on. I think its cute but the interior of the bag is probably not ready for prime time. Overall Im quite pleased and encouraged.

My husband got me a live plant for Valentines Day. Im developing feelings for it so I think I will care for it. The plant did not come with a tag so I had no idea what it was. My wonderfully brilliant husband suggested that I go to the store where he purchased it and find one with a tag. Not wanting to make a trip to the store for nothing but research I let it be.  I was sitting here yesterday and I thought maybe it was a lily. So I googled lilies and I lucked out. I think the plant is a calla lily. It matches the pictures on google images. So now I have care instructions. I re potted it yesterday because it came in one of those little cheap plastic pots wrapped in valentines gobble de gook.  I think its quite pretty and at first I was dissapointed and the internal dialogue went something like this: what where are my flowers that will die in a week? Overall Im gllad my husband went the creative route.  Here is my little plant

The flowers so far are varying shades of pink. Its hard to tell in the picture.

I still dont know why I let my husband talk me into buying an 800 dollar camera. I still have no clue how to use the features that would improve my pictures. I sometimes wish we had gotten the little 200 dollar sony that I wanted. One day I will take some time to figure out the camera I’m sure.

Well if anyone thinks I’m wrong about my plant I would love to know what it is (although I’m pretty sure I’m right).

How was everyone else’s Valentines Day? Did anyone get any yarn? My yarn diet is going pretty well. I have not purchased any sock yarn since 2011. I haven’t purchased much non sock yarn either. I just bought some cotton blend yarn for some knitting projects for the kids. It was on sale. Its usually like 4.00 a skein and it was less than 2.00 bucks a skein, so that sale could not be passed up.

Clinically Insane?

I finished these…



Then in a move that  can only prove that I should be committed I wound this…

Am I gonna cast on another pair of socks to replace the pair I just finished? You bet your sweet sweet arse I am….even though I currently have 4 other pairs of socks on the needle, none of which are even halfway done.  What did Sheryl Crow say in that song…If it makes you happy it cant be that bad?

First Sock Club Shipment

Spoiler alert. If you are in the cookie a sock club and dont want to know what Februarys shipment looks like dont read on.






This yarn is dreamy it has cashmere and silk.  This might have to become one of my new favorites

It came with a cute drawstring bag also. The picture didnt come out to good but the red of this yarn is great. Its a very true red.  The yarn is by Alisha Goes Around. The base is called Richness (of Martens) Fingering. The colorway is Genevieve. Its an amazingly soft blend of 75% Fine Superwash Merino 15% Cashmere and 10% Silk.  I also got my copy of Principles of Knitting today. Its finally back in publication and at 30 bucks on amazon its a steal. Its a huge book almost 700 pages and hardback. You could use this book to bludgeon an intruder if necessary. I haven’t really looked at it yet, but with people paying hundreds of dollars for it when it was out of print I’m hoping it will be good.  There are still no finished socks. I have one toe left on a sock and then I will have a pair.  The kids and I had a fun Valentines Day. We went to ballet class and then a friend from work came over and we played Dance Central. My husband is bringing home bbq so I don’t have to cook, not cooking for once is making me happy. I hope everyone out there is also having a good day. Happy Valentines Day

Oooh Shiny

It was half off. I couldn’t resist…

I’ve used it briefly and I’m in love. It’s totally computerized, and it threads your needle for you and, has a drop in bobbin, and an extender table for quilting and and and and…… You get the picture Im sure.  You dont even have to use a presser foot to control it. The problem with my old machine was the presser foot wasn’t very sensitive so my machine would go roaring off at this incredibly high speed before I could slow it down. This machine goes really slow at the touch of a button, which is good for a newbie like me who needs to learn to sew straight etc. This will take a lot of pain out of the learning process. Now I see why all the books say buy the best machine you can afford.  My sewing projects thus far have been to hideous to share but I think things will be getting better now. I have cast on a new sock and I have a pair thats almost finished so those will be on the blog soon.  For some reason I dont like sharing pictures of my wip’s although I like looking at other peoples. Well I just wanted to pop in and tell you all of my good fortune.  Have a great day!