So we had 3 comments, first I went to but with only 3 comments I felt like the random number generator was the lazy way to do it. So I did it the old fashioned way, I put a number corresponding to the order that the comments were posted on a little piece of paper, folded it, and let my daughter pick one out of a little bag. She picked the number one. So that means the winner is Alisha!  Alisha I will be emailing you soon. In other exciting random news, my husband took the day off today to watch the kids so I could have time to myself. That never works out. I did laundry, took my daughter with me to run errands, and did gads and gads of dishes. I think I broke my sewing machine, so that means I did get some time to do me things. I also started a new sock for my husband.  I have also resisted buying yarn several times. I keep going back to the loopy ewe website to buy hazel knits loosey juicy colorway. I’ve coveted this colorway ever since I saw it here .  I’ve resisted purchasing the yarn because I feel like I have to make it at least one full month of the new year without buying any yarn. Well this post was mainly to announce the winner but here I am blathering on. Next time there will be a proper post I promise! I just want to send out a big thanks to the three ladies that commented. I wish I could send yarn to all of you but my sock yarn stash isn’t as big as I thought. Hmmm maybe I do need to buy more yarn…


I’ve decided to have a giveaway. It was fun last time so why not do it again. This time I won’t be announcing this on ravelry. If there is anyone who actually reads my blog then they deserve it.  Just leave a comment that lets me know you arent a spammer and I will use a random number generator to pick a winner. This time I wont close the contest early, due to not announcing it on ravelry I’m sure I wont have a ton of comments. So if you are a reader let me know and you could win this….

It’s a skein of Black Trillium in the colorway Indigo. I’m not sure about the base but it feels mighty nice. So if you want a chance to have this mailed directly to your home leave a comment! I will close the contest on Sunday at 11pm central time. On the knitting front I’ve been working on the Sock Knitters Anonymous mystery sock. This is my first mystery sock so wish me luck. I’ve also picked up my Honeybee Cardigan again. In case you dont remember it looks like this but slightly bigger now….

I’m really excited to finish this cardigan but 15 inches means I have a long way to go.  I haven’t actually been knitting to much. Ive been trying to learn how to sew. I got a few books from Amazon and one is called 1,2,3 Sew.  You start out with an easy project and then steadily build on your skills. Its taken me a week to make the first project, a square napkin but here it is.

Its folded in half but the stitching is semi straight and my corners are kind of mitered.  Mitering of corners looks simple in the book but for some reason I just couldn’t get it. I did manage to get my little ribbon loop inserted and sewed. This first napkin will go to my mom in case there aren’t ever any others finished. I don’t know if this desire to sew will stick but it seems harder than knitting was in the beginning. My husband reminded me that when I first started knitting it was frustrating and difficult to0, but now I’m semi good at it. Sewing while caring for my two kids is impossible so I only get about an hour in when my husband gets home, maybe thats why it took a week to make a napkin. Well if you want to win some yarn just leave me a comment. If not I will just keep my yummy yarn and just keep blogging for my greatest fan and most adoring reader…myself.

Late to the party

I’ve finally successfully completed a pair of monkeys, and I must say, Im smitten. The pattern was so easy to memorize and was such a fast knit. I only knit on these socks three days a week in between actually doing my job. I didn’t work on them at home at all and they were completed in less than a month.  I’m also smitten with this colorway and yarn.  I’ve mentioned it in previous posts but its Black Trillium. The base is Lilt and the color is Cherry Blossom Rain. Drumroll please brrrrrr brrrrr brrrr….

Yes I’m probably  the last person on Ravelry who hadn’t knit a pair of monkeys but this is my blog so I can be a little self indulgent. The yarn diet is going well. I’ve been able to look at beautiful yarn without buying it. I’m trying to become resistant and strong while still being able to browse. Plus I got an email asking me to confirm my address for the Cookie A. Sock Club so the anticipation is building. Since the Monkey socks were my work knitting, I’m going to cast on a new pair of simple socks for work but thats it. Its time for me to finish up all my socks in progress at home. Last count I had 3 or 4 socks going not including the just finished Monkey socks.  I recently have pulled out my sewing machine and ordered a bunch of supplies and some fabric. I got the sewing machine a few years ago on black friday and never did much with it. I’m determined to conquer it and become a fabulous quilter/seamstress ha ha ha. So hopefully this will soon become a knitting/sewing blog and I will feel smug and clever! I’m thinking of doing another giveaway so stay tuned.  Toodles!

Blocking Fool!

I’m on a blocking roll, but before I get to that, Happy New Year! So anyway my first attempt at blocking my shawl was a failure, but thanks to wonderful tips from folks on ravelry the second time went much better. I just let it dry a few days longer and it held its shape much better.  Then I went on to block a hat. Now normally the idea of blocking a hat would seem ludicrous to me but this hat was heavily cabled so it seemed that it may benefit from a blocking. So after a good soak and plating we have this …

The pattern is Voleur. This is my daughter wearing it. It fits differently on my much larger head. Im quite pleased with the results. I used three irish girls kells sport merino. Its a club colorway called Interlaken. I like it, especially the gray and black speckled throughout the blue. Here is a closeup of the cables…

I made my last yarn purchase of the year from black trillium. The pink one on top is called Poodle Skirt  and the other one is another skein of Cherry Blossom Rain. I love it. The first skein of the colorway is almost a pair of Monkey socks. I loved it so much that I had to buy another.

Its quite different than the first but I still love it anyway. Its different enough that I wont get bored knitting with it. Im not sure what I’m going to do with either skein of yarn but the point is they were the last for this year.  Nothing but club yarns and I’m only in one club (cookie a.) so just one skein of yarn every other month. I think I can do it after the excess of this year. So thats my only new years resolution. Not to buy any new yarn. I have so many socks on the needles I hope that my next blog post will be a parade of socks, we will see…..Meanwhile the sickness is going around again. My daughter has her first sore throat ever and she was quite alarmed by it. Its funny how you kinda take everything for granted and you realize hey she’s only three shes got a lot of things she’s never experienced before. At least the baby isnt sick so far! Life is good regardless! Well if I’m not finishing any socks I hope some of you out there are! Gotta go a rerun of The Simpsons that I’ve seen 50 times is on!