Noche Buena.  I’ve been doing lots of knitting but finishing nothing ha ha ha. I just keep starting projects which just keeps me from finishing anything. I did finish a shawlish kind of scarf for my mom. I’m disapointed in the blocking though. I’ve never really had to block anything. So I bought blocking wires and t pins and everything and it still curls. It’s not making me want to knit more shawls, what good is knitting them if you cant block them. Here it is in the one moment I was able to keep it from curling.

The pattern is Mezquita. I used glenhaven fingering from three irish girls.  I restarted my monkey socks yet again in a beautiful yarn from black trilium. Its coming along well and Im on the foot of one sock. The farthest Ive ever gotten on Monkey socks so Im confident I will have a pair to show on the blog someday soon.  I don’t think Ive gotten any new yarn. I did buy some new yarn from black trilium on etsy.  That was my last yarn purchase for the year. Yes I’m going to say it…Starting in January I will be on a yarn diet! Club shipments only and I will blog those of course. That way the spammers who look at my blog will have some eye candy ha ha ha. Well Happy Holidays to all. See you in the new year!

And its been a while

Let’s see…well its been busy around here as usual with work and the kids and Thanksgiving. We had both my family and my husbands family over for Thanksgiving. I didn’t cook. I left that to my husband but  I did knit.  First finished object were my Embossed Leaves socks

I knit them with Skinny Bugga.  As much as people buy this yarn you would think it would be softer. I wont be buying anymore of it but the colors are nice and  I still have one more skein of it which I will definitely use.  I just finished another pair of socks also

Just a plain 72 st sock with a short row heel. This was some self striping yarn from etsy. Its from fishknits. I think I blogged about this yarn in my last post. I joined Cookie A’s sock club (a wonderful birthday gift from my husband) so I cancelled my Three Irish Girls monthly club membership but I still have a few shipments left. I got my first shipment this month. I didnt take a picture of the club yarn I received but I did get a past club yarn colorway.

The colorway is called metamorphosis. The base is extremely soft. I think its called Glenhaven. Its a night time picture but I think the colorway was captured accurately enough. I was on a self striping yarn kick so I bought this from etsy

She’s a beauty isnt she? I can’t wait to cast on. Stockinette socks are made more fun by watching the yarn stripe.  To make up for casting off on two pairs of socks I cast on one hat and 2 new pairs of socks, watch for them in the future (hopefully)  My Honeybee Cardigan is languishing, but its whispering my name. It definitely wont be completed this winter. I do think someday I will finish it.

I got two cute little square project bags that I love. Maybe I will take pictures for the blog someday. I feel foolish for wasting money on the round bags now. There has been a progression from yarn bowls to project bags, and now on to square project bags.  I want to replace all my project bags with square ones and at over 20 bucks a pop that’s not going to be cheap. I will do it slowly but surely.  I wonder what my next knitting accessory obsession will be. I know my new years resolution will be to spend less money overall, but definitely to spend less money on my hobby. Happy Holidays to everyone and don’t stress out over your holiday knitting.