Stupid Dvr

I’m frustrated with the dumb dvr that doesn’t record the shows its supposed to. I wonder if tivo is any better. I guess I should google that. The dvr missed a new episode of degrassi….its got to go. Work was so slow today that I got a whole 7.5 inch leg done on a new sock . It’s self striping yarn so I’m just doing a plain sock. I have decided life is to short so I will cast on as many projects as I want. No more guilt.  I did finish one project. After trying many many different fingerless glove patterns I found one that I actually managed to complete.

The pattern is Envy Mitts and the yarn is from At Bullard Farm on etsy. The colorway is Stormy Weather. They are for a friend at work. My husband is modeling them and his hands are kind of to large for them, but I do whatever it takes to get the projects documented ha ha.  There has also been new yarn due to a birthday splurge….

From top to bottom Lorna’s Laces Solemate in Tickled Pink and Black Trillum in Cherry Blossom Rain. Whats interesting about the Black Trillum yarn is that its 15% mulberry silk. I’ve never knit with a sock yarn that has silk in it. If there is anyone out there who hasn’t heard, the Lorna’s Laces Solemate has something called outlast in it. Its supposed to help regulate your foot temperature. One more skein ….

This one is from Swift Fiber Studio on etsy and its called Forget Me Not which is a merino nylon blend. Now to abruptly change subjects… I bought some kollage square needles because I heard they are easier on your hands. I bought the circulars with the “original” cable (they also offer a firm cable) boy was that a mistake. The original cables are extremely floppy, so floppy that its nearly impossible to push the stitches onto the needle off of the cable. I want to try their firm cable but I’m afraid after wasting this initial 30 dollars.  Have you ever bought a skein of yarn that was this color that just couldnt be knit in any kind of pattern? Then you just have to knit a plain sock and watch the colors pool horribly. Thats something I’m experiencing now and its not fun. I’m learning lessons about the colors in a skein of yarn slowly but surely. I want to buy lots of self striping yarn right now because I’m having so much fun knitting a plain sock with it. I hope to one day catch an update at knitterly things for some of her vesper sock yarn or an update at string theory but it hasn’t happened so far which might be a good thing. Well Happy Thanksgiving to all.  After the holidays they will have to roll me to my computer so I can blog with my newly super fat fingers!

The cold has arrived

I have had the pleasure of wearing hand knit socks all week and I also busted out my fingerless gloves this morning. The weather has been in the 40’s in the mornings which for us South Texans is cold.  I’m so happy and hope the cold continues.  I’ve got this urge to knit plain old stripey socks so I bought this…



Its called Baby’s Got a Dark Side and its self striping yay. Its from Fishknits  I cant wait to cast on with it but I’ve got to finish some socks. I got a new book which has forced me to cast on two new socks. Its Socktopus by Alice Yu and its a lovely book.

I have started this sock below  three times because I’m an idiot who keeps making mistakes. I’m determined to make it for my husband though.  They are called Farmer Macgregor socks if you wanna find them on ravelry.

I also finished this pair of socks. They are called tutu cute in string theory caper. That yarn is really soft. Its an 80/20/10. Or some combination of merino nylon cashmere. The pattern was really easy and I just did it because I could not find a pattern that would suit this yarn.

I was in the emergency room with the baby. He’s fine btw. Now my daughter is sick. So I dont know how much knitting I will get done. I have three socks on the needle right now and a fingerless glove that is going to get frogged. I hope everyone had a great Halloween. Now on to Thanksgiving….not looking forward to the work involved there.  Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? I’m doing it all on I’m hoping not to see the inside of a mall!  Till next time!