I missed the Yarn Harlot

The Yarn Harlot was in Austin and I missed her. Austin is an hour drive max. I would have packed the kids up and gone if I had known she was coming. Now I have to wait for her to write another book, woe is me.  Her book Knitting Rules helped me make my first pair of socks. It’s been  while since I’ve posted because I’ve been knitting which takes priority over blogging. I have one pair of socks almost finished to show you and another pair almost half finished, a baby hat almost done to. So pretty soon there will be a flurry of blog posts with finished items in them, the best kind of blog post in my opinion. So what are everyone’s plans for Halloween? My daughter is going to be Snoopy and my baby is going to be a lion, the poopiest lion ever! My husband and I aren’t dressing up we are scary enough on our own.  Now on to yarn talk…I’ve been good. I think I’ve only bought two skeins of yarn since I last posted. Both from Wandering Wool

The names should make it apparent which one is which the first is her North Country Sock in Colorway Chimney Sweep. Its a 75/25 Merino/Nylon. Its very soft, seems softer than the mcn sitting next to it. That skein is High Peaks Sock in colorway Cranberry Cocktail its 80/10/10 merino/cashmere/nylon. I’m hooked plus with every order she sends good coupons but even with the good coupons if she didnt have appealing yarn it wouldnt matter.  I got some new books to.


Sorry for the cell phone pics but the second is the Knitters Book of Socks. Its a somewhat large hardcover book that goes into great detail about different types of sock yarn.  I learned some things and have queued several projects from each book. The second book pictured wasnt on ravelry when I got it (preorder) so I will have to go back through it to que them once its on there.  I don’t recall if I mentioned it but I joined the three irish girls sock yarnista club. I’m looking forward to posting those packages when they come in. I also ordered some yarn from them so I’m patiently waiting for that to come in.  Something else I’ve learned recently, if you have ask yourself “is that baby poop on my shorts?” then it probably is baby poop on your shorts. Cheers and happy knitting until next time.


A leg in 2 days!

I started some socks on Friday night and I was starting the heel on Sunday! The leg was 7 inches long so i wasn’t an anklet either. I think thats a record for me. I didnt take any pictures because I hope to have a finished pair soon.  More details to come on those socks. I did a lot of frogging. Ive decied to get serious about only knitting things Im enjoying knitting. I used to finish a project out of some sense of obligation but not anymore if Im hating the color or the yarn its over. So I posted many moons ago about knitting the honeybee cardigan by Laura Chau….well its been going extremely slow but Im still at it here is my progress…

One of the panels on the end there looks really crazy but its not just a funky picture. The pattern is easily memorized its just soooo many stitches. I’m using knitpicks stroll I think. It’s one of their sock yarns anyway. It was cheap to buy lots of yardage. I also joined a sock club. It was a difficult decision but I went with the Three Irish Girls Sock Yarnista club. Its my first club and its a big investment so I’m hoping for the best. I rationalized it by thinking that if I get monthly yarn I wont feel the need to buy anymore. I frogged my monkey socks. I also ordered Knit.Sock.Love by Cookie A. So far I’ve tried two of her patterns and they wont fit my fat feet so I’m hoping the book may have some sizing options because her socks are just so beautiful. The weather has cooled down a bit the days are in the 80’s but still not sock weather. It doesnt really matter if I ever get to wear my socks, the joy is in knittig them. Its pretty funny here at my house when one kid starts crying the other one joins in. I guess crying is contagious. Crying is also my cue to end my long blog post. Anyone out there knit socks but don’t wear them to often?


Knitters Lobotomy

I’ve said this many times before but I will never knit a blanket again. I just don’t have the dedication required. At least with sweaters you have the different parts of the sweater and shaping etc, and with socks you have the heel and the stockinette of the foot to break things up. Blankets just go on and on and on and you are usually knitting them for someone or some sort of special occasion, so there is the added pressure and the guilt as that deadline just passes you by. I decided to knit the baby log cabin for my son before he was born. I started this blanket in January, he was born in May, and here we are in October and I finally finished it. Miles and miles of garter stitch which to me is the equivalent of a lobotomy. I can add projects with nothing but garter stitch to my list of things I wont do again. I was so over making this blanket that I didn’t even do the border. The blanket started out speedily as most projects do especially projects that consist of knitting squares or picking up and knitting squares and as a lot of us know it just goes down hill from there. You get tired of looking at that project with dread so you find a nice hiding place for it and who knows if it will ever see the light of day again. Well my blanket survived the months of neglect and my son has a blanket. I wonder what happened to that blanket that I tirelessly crocheted for my daughter three years ago. I hope I didn’t give it to goodwill or I will find myself breaking my no blanket rule out of guilt that she doesn’t have a baby blanket as well. Well here it is my mediocre baby log cabin…