The suspense was killing me and the replies have slowed down so I’ve decided to close the contest early and surprise there will be three winners but I want to announce who the true winner is and that was Michaela! She guessed 23 and there were 26 skeins in the basket, but the pot thickens. Rose also guessed 23 after Michaela so I’ve decided to give her  skein of yarn too. Also because she was just sooooo close with  a guess of 27 I have to send Kara some yarn to. So what I’m going to do is give Michaela first choice of 3 yarns and Rose gets to pick after that and then the last skein will go to Kara.  Thank you so much to all of you who replied.  I will definitely do this again! To the winners after I hear from Michaela I will be emailing you guys. Michaela watch your inbox.

Monkeys Take Two

I decided the String Theory yarn in Cobalt was to sedate for the Monkey pattern. I frogged and restarted in Sweet Georgia Yarn colorway Boheme today, and I think its going better. This is the second time I’ve frogged the String Theory. I just cant find the pattern for it. I tried Cookie A’s Cubist pattern and realized it would not get over my foot. I hate going up in needle size for socks to make them fit so if I cant alter the stitch count or add stockinette to the pattern I don’t do it. For the monkeys I had to go up to 80 sts and down to size one needles ( I usually use size two for my socks). I’m going off of varigated yarn, only semi-solids for me from now on. I love how varigated yarns look in the skein but I find they can be hard to knit with. Here is a picture of my new monkeys. Ta Ta for now off to watch Top Shot.


My Daughter The Hedgehog

It’s so sad that its the end of September and its still ninety degrees where I live. I miss living in Pennsylvania where they have all four seasons. Despite the heat I still knit on and still keep buying yarn. Loopy added a new dyer Alisha Goes Around and her yarn is called Panoply of Peacocks Fingering (gotta love that name). Well the dyer is from Texas about 45 minutes from where I live, so I had to give her yarn a try. It’s an mcn and the colorway is called Evening Lilacs.

You know you have to much sock yarn when you buy a skein and it closely matches another that you have.  So these are my favorite skeins that stay downstairs for me to admire on a daily basis. If anyone dares to guess how many skeins of yarns are in the basket in this picture and comes the closest you can have the skein of long brown hare yarn that is similar in color to the new yarn pictured above.  I guess I will close this little contest on October 1st.

The skein that is up for grabs is all the way in the back behind the big hunk of brownish yarn. I will probably end up keeping it because nobody reads this but I thought I would give destashing a shot. I’m still plugging away at the same wip’s. I have added a new one, my first pair of monkey’s and my first Cookie A pattern. Her patterns tend to be to small for me and I’m not good at upsizing socks. Which is unfortunate because her sock patterns are awesome. So here they are. I’m using string theory caper yarn in cobalt. That yarn is fabulous! I did have to add stitches to the pattern so we will see how it goes.

I will end my post with the picture that named the post. I think this hat is super cute and I bought it from gymboree! Enjoy P.S. please wish for cooler temps in Texas! Thanks