So its been a while since I updated.  I’ve had a lot going on though, I’ve been seeing my doctor because I’ve been having bad headaches all of a sudden. She scheduled a ct scan for this Thursday so wish me luck. I work for an insurance company so everyone at work has been running around like chickens with their heads cut off due to the giant influx of claims from Hurricane Irene. So there has been loads of overtime available of which I am partaking. Then the last bit of craziness has been the installation of a whole house water filter and softener and throw in a bit of new landscaping work and it all equals no blogging.  I have managed to get quite a bit of knitting in and I’ve finished two pairs of socks. These are my knot socks from the sock knitting master class book. I think they are by Nancy Bush. I’m considering giving them away but I love them so.


These are the pattern Jeck. The yarn is Three Irish Girls Adorn. The colorway is Brown Eyed Girl. Its interesting that they striped cuz I was just expecting them to go crazy like most varigated yarns do. The color looked great in the skein. Not so sure about it now but the yarn is sooo soft so I’m not complaining.
I told myself that I wasnt going to start anymore socks. I’ve got a log cabin baby blanket on the needles that is almost done and was started way before the baby was born. I cant find the motivation to finish it. I’ve also got another pair of socks to finish, a barely started cardigan, and two scarves. Did I start another pair of socks though…yes I did. I couldn’t help it. More on that later. Happy Knitting!

New Socks

Hey yall.  I finally finished my husbands socks. It took less than a month which is nothing short of amazing. I used Sweet Georgia in Rusted.  The pattern was Globetrotters. I also couldnt resist taking pictures of my new project bags. In my last post I said I wouldn’t but I think it was because at that moment I was feeling lazy. I think if I order anymore project bags they will all be pink. The one with the stripes is della q and the one on the right is chic a. I also got new yarn. I love buying yarn off of etsy and discovering new dyers. As you can see from the tag its by At Bullard Farm. I love the colors. It’s called Rainy Day. Its kind of tightly twisted and Im not usually a big fan of that but we will see.In non knitting news my daughter starts her first dance class next week. Shes 3 and this is her first foray into any type of class. Other than brief interactions with kids she has no friends her age which is why I signed her up. She needs to learn some social skills. I’m very nervous! It will be fun buying all of her cute supplies. It’s a tap/ballet/tumbling class.  I will try not to bore you all to much with cute little ballet girl pictures/stories.  Until next time!



The kiddos are sleeping so I thought I would watch some Degrassi and update my blog.  Yes I’m 31 and I watch Degrassi. It’s the best canadian teen melodrama I’ve ever seen. Well its the only one but still the best. So I’ve been knitting socks furiously and I’ve managed to finish only one. Its Knot Socks by Nancy Bush.


I really need to stop getting emails from loopy on their updates. I’ve been dying to try the solemate sock yarn by Lorna’s Laces. It’s supposed to regulate your foot temp. It’s the blue one and the colorway is Devon. The white one is Swans Island in Natural. Its a new yarn also, a merino thats organically died. I’ts very soft and not a bit of cashmere in it. 

I may have mentioned it before but I’m knitting socks for my husband. Men have long feet but they have moved pretty quickly. I’ve gotten to the point where I feel like they are no longer growing . I think they will be the next finished object I will be sharing on the blog. I also got a della q bag and a chic a small drawstring bag. I’ve spent so much money on yarn bowls and now that I’ve discovered project bags I’m wondering if that was wasted money. Well I guess money is never wasted when spent on knitting swag. I won’t take pictures of the bags anyone who is interested can just go browse the loopy ewe just dont blame me if you end up spending money.  (If my husband reads this post for the record I still love my yarn bowls.)

I hate my neighbors

So our wonderful neighbors didn’t get their trash out in time, they then decided to put their trash in our garbage bin while we were at work. We know it was them because the clear bags were on their porch after their grass was cut. I’m so mad I could spit! My husband plans on taking their bags out and putting them on their lawn. Let the war begin. I will now talk about yarn to calm down.image

I got some beauties from The Sanguine Gryphon, the colorways are Blue Metalmark and Fig Eater. They are both skinny buggas. I finally got a proper camera. We bought a cannon rebel t3i I took the picture of the new yarn with it. I hope the difference in quality is noticeable. Well outside of the blog I can notice the better picture quality so I guess it was worth it. I now have four pairs of socks going atm, also two scarves and a cardigan. Things are getting out of control I’ve got to finish something.  I’m back at work now so that cuts down on the knitting time. I want to finish all my socks so I can be a contender in the sock knitters anonymous free up your needles knit along on ravelry. Wish me luck and the next time I post I should have pictures of wonderful finished socks.