A hat


I had a request for a beanie from my mother in law. I get so few requests for knitted items I was happy to oblige. I picked the pattern Hermione Hearts Ron. All the patterns I use can easily be found on ravelry and are usually free in case anyone is wondering. The pattern was very easy and quick and is based on the hat  Hermione wore in one of those Harry Potter films if you follow those. I used a organic cotton yarn Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Sincere Organic Cotton Dk. I don’t know if the name of a yarn, not including the colorway, ever needs to be that long. Its very nice and soft but splitty, but that’s to be expected with a cotton yarn.  I hope the hat fits. I don’t know how I feel about knitting hats. I mean when you are used to knitting socks 132 stitches in one round takes a lot of commitment. I did a gauge swatch but that was pointless since I don’t know how big her head is.  Now its back to the socks and the scarves.

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