Finished socks



I finished the garter baby socks. These socks are cute they have a little panel of garter running up the back of the sock to. I don’t know why I knit socks for a three year old. The last pair have dissapeared but she keeps asking for socks and its hard to resist cuteness. So here they are. Sorry for all the crappy photos all I have to take pictures with is my phone.

I am whole again

So a few days after I had my son my husband was looking for something, and he lifted up the couch and the end table holding all four of my precious yarn bowls went crashing down onto the hard tile floor.  They were cracked and chipped but still useable. That’s not the point though they were cute and nice to look at. The post pregnancy hormones were still surging so I threw them all away and cried all day. So my husband convinced me to contact the wonderful proprietress of the etsy shop where I bought them. She was able to re create them all. She was kind and sympathetic and gave me a great discount. They came in the mail today an I’m so happy! Sam of Inaglaze is fantastic. She makes all kinds of beautiful non knitting tools as well, and I want to buy everything she makes.

imageI also got this cute little project bag for my sock knitting. Its from the etsy shop libertyavenuebags Its got two yarn guides which is helpful since I’m knitting two socks at a time.imageI started a project for my little girl. Its called garter stripe baby socks. I’m almost done and I will post pictures next time.  I’m trying to decide if I should knit fox faces next or pomatomus If anyone is out there … what do you think should be next ?

New yarn and finished socks


I finally got off my butt and finished the hug me socks.  They went fast once I set my mind to it.

imageI tried a different bind off with each sock. I used my usual yarn over bind off and then the sewn cast off which I’ve never tried before. I like the look of the sewn cast off better but its not as stretchy as the yarn over cast off. I’m not sure which I prefer.  The yarn over cast off is on the left and the sewn bind off is on the right. I did these socks one at a time. I usually do socks two at a time so these arent quite identical. The first sock is longer in foot and leg than the 2nd. I realized I made the foot to long and fixed it in the second sock.image

I also ordered way to much yarn. I got some great glimmer sock yarn from knitmommy Its 75% superwash merino and 20% nylon and 5% stellina. You can see a bit of he sparkle the stelina adds in the picture. The color is called poison.


I also ordered some soccuso from loopy in colorway JWM’S Wind Rain And Wool. I’ve never used this yarn before but it feels nice and soft. That purchase also enabled me to become a loopy groupie yay. With my soccuso order they sent me a free skein of sereknity in gothic rose. Also a nifty bag some sweets and a free pattern! The sereknity is sport weight so I’m not sure what I will use it for but it sure is pretty and I get to try new yarn. In case you cant read the labels soccusu is on the left and sereknity on the right.

imageI’m thinking of casting on for fox faces using mountain colors crazy foot in harmony honey pictured below. My daughter also wants socks so I’m going to use the leftover quince and co yarn. I also have some sweet georgia yarn on the way. Wish me luck. I hope not to cast on 50 pairs of socks with all this tempting yarn.


My little girl is turning 3 years old tomorrow. Happy Birthday Davis!


Finally a finished project.

Its been a long time. I’ve been starting a lot of things but not finishing anything. Well I started Leafy Fingerless Gloves in february and finally finished them yesterday. The followng is a crappy cell phone pic of my kind husband modeling for me.


image The yarn is by quince and company its their tern yarn in colorway columbine. The color is closer to what it looks like in the glove picture. I hope to have more fo’s soon. It took less than a skein of the yarn to finish both gloves. I did the shorter version though.  Well thats all I got for today.