Our bundle of joy


Our son was born on May 19th. He’s fantastic.  Amazingly I have been able to get both heels done on my heart to heart socks. Soon I will start winter knitting for my kids. I have a baby log cabin almost completed but the continuous garter is so monotonous. Hopefully it will be finished before the baby is one. I hope to have pictures of finished socks soon.  Now with a newborn I’m having to choose between napping and knitting. Knitting is winning.


I haven’t even started the heel on my Heart to Heart socks and I’ve already started another sock. The yarn was just to fun to pass up. Its Hazel Knits in colorway Ice Cream Sundae. Since it so varigated I’m using a simple pattern its Hug Me Socks by Terry Morris.


I also got my Three Irish Girls yarn in Brown Eyed Girl. Its like heaven. I haven’t felt a sock yarn this soft in a very long time. Needless to say I’m hooked. Well we are scheduled to have labor induced Wednesday evening. So we will see if these socks get finished once I have the baby. I thank the Loopy Ewe for their fast shipping so I received this before I go to the hospital. I’m ready to endure the pain of labor now.



Yarn bowls

Well the heart to heart socks are coming along nicely if not slowly. I also have some yarn coming in from the loopy ewe. Its three irish girls yarn. I’m excited to see what its like. Here are my socks in progress and my beautiful yarn bowls.