This one went a little bit better, but the seams still aren’t matching up perfectly. This quilt is for my mom. She will love it regardless, but the seams are still irking me. We will see if things get better as I go along. I’m taking my time and trying to do things as best as I can. I guess thats all I can do.


One down…

15 more blocks to go!

photoAny observer can see I had trouble matching up the seams. I couldn’t get consistent block sizes and trimmed them badly. The finished block came out ok! It was a test block to see if I liked sewing this, and I do. Off to you tube I go to figure out how to trim down my little blocks.


My Dog the Prep

My daughter has turned my puppy into a prep.

photo 4Basil wore the sweater for a while then she took it off and slept on it. She’s such a good sport!

I finished another cross stitch and its now hanging in my kitchen.

photo 1I love it. It will soon be joined by a waffle!

My husband has a new hobby. He bought a 55 gallon fish tank. I told him I’m not cleaning it or doing anything with it. I kept tanks when I was younger. Been there done that, and bought the shirt. My only contribution is to turn it into a mini bikini bottom.

photo 1Here we have Spongebob’s house.

photo 2Next up is the Krusty Krab and Squidward’s house. I like to keep the fish tank decor classy! My husband has real plants in his tank. Thats new for me. I never had real plants in my tank. I’m excited to see how that develops.

On the knitting front I’ve been focused on my circular shawl. I’m on the last chart and have over 500 stitches on the needles. I’m also trying to finish a cowl that I started many many months ago.

Right now I’m in love with handmade soaps. I’ve been stockpiling from etsy seller GlowBodyandSoul. I also like her lotions quite a bit. Now when I get out of the shower I don’t feel like a dried corn husk. I had no idea that the Dove and other soaps I had been buying aren’t really soap and aren’t that kind to your skin. Handmade soap is a bit more costly (I get one bar of soap for what I paid for six Dove bars), but to me its worth it.

We hit triple digits here for the temperature. I plan on staying in the air conditioned house and cross stitching!





The Un-fun Stuff

Most crafts have the un-fun parts (yes un-fun is totally a word). It varies from person to person. Here are mine.

Quilting: Basting, Basting, Basting!

Knitting: Seaming, Blocking, and Frogging.

Starting a new craft one never considers the un-fun parts. I’ve discovered the un-fun of cross stitch. I finished my second cross stitch and I was going to frame and matte it nicely. I had this wonderful vision in my mind. You know what they say about best laid plans…

So youtube videos about how to matte something were confusing (granted I only watched one). I couldn’t get the cross stitch mounted properly on the self adhesive mounting board. So now it looks distorted. So what we are left with is a wonky framed cross stitch my husband has to pretend to like!


I used some of my soak to clean the finished product. It was pretty nice. The cross stitch kind of bloomed after washing and it lost all the hoop lines. Using a pressing cloth and an iron I dried it a bit and I was quite pleased until the whole framing catastrophe. It just shows me that I’m a sloppy finisher. In quilting, and knitting and now cross stitch I rush through the finishing and it ruins the whole project. I will never learn. I guess thats why I mostly knit socks. I’m determined now to take my time and finish things properly.  I have a quilt that I’m going to rip a bunch of quilting out of, and Im going to re-baste it, and quilt it all over again. When I finish my sweaters I’m knitting I will take my time and block them to perfection. It will happen! Wish me luck y’all.