Luca Has Been Busy

I named my new sewing machine Luca. We will see if it sticks. I’ve pumped out a couple of blocks for the quilt.

photo 2 photo 1 photo 4I was feeling a little down about the quality of my squares. I just could not match up the seams. I did a little hunting online for tips to help fix this. I found some great tips and each square has gotten better which is great for my morale. I can’t remember what blog I read this on but the author said she tries not to think of quilting as all or nothing. She said that she gets better with every quilt she does and thats the goal. Reading that really made sense to me and made me feel better about my work. I don’t even have two years of quilt making under my belt. I think I was being a bit hard on myself.  There was also the issue of me taking short cuts that at my current skill level I should not be taking. These shortcuts made things harder for me and did not save me time in the end. So now I’m taking more time to do things right. Doing things properly is making me enjoy the process a lot more and I’m not having to rip so much.

I used my mail sack pattern and made the mini version for my daughter. She picked all the fabrics. I want her bag!

photo 3 photoI forgot to clip the curves so there is a little bunch in the curved section of the bag. The second picture shows the lining and the two pockets. She loves it. I can’t wait to make the full sized version for myself. I used quilting cottons and medium weight interfacing.  I’m happy with that combination. It’s hard for me to find cute bright canvas to make heavier weight bags. If anyone has good sources for heavier material let me know.

I’m almost done with the body of my BlueSand Cardigan. My motivation to get thin should simply be the fact that it takes less time to knit a sweater. Not to mention less yarn. Maybe someday.




It Was A Squeaker

I kept glancing worriedly at my yarn. I knit faster, and faster, and faster thinking that would help. It’s funny how delusional you can be when it comes to your knitting. Luckily I didn’t need to delude myself. I had enough yarn. I’m not used to having so little yarn left after a pair of socks. IMG_5264

The most exciting part is I knit this pair of socks in seven days. I think that is a personal best. IMG_5242
I did cheat a little bit. The stitch pattern was a multiple of eight which didn’t work with my foot. Instead of figuring it out I decided to cheat and knit the foot in stockinette. IMG_5272

This yarn was bewitching. I loved the colors and the feel of the yarn. I want more but none of the current colors at Loopy are appealing enough to make me buy more yarn. The yarn is Biscotte & Cie Felix Self Striping. The color is arc en ciel. IMG_5270The pattern itself was fun to knit. Its kind of a basket weave pattern.  I could see myself using this pattern again and I never knit he same pattern twice. The pattern is Roxy Socks. It’s a free pattern so thats even better.


Birthday, Christmas, and Mothers Day

Today for me was a big day of holiday’s all rolled into one. I bought the dream machine. (Well at least for me.) The Bernina 550QE.

photo 1


My husband says I get nothing else for the rest of the year. He said he might give me ten dollars on my birthday.

The machine comes with so many cool things. It has a BSR (bernina sttich regulator) so maybe I can get better at free motion quilting. It has one of those free hand thingy’s so I can lift the presser foot with my knee. It also has a fancy bag for it and an extension table. It came with a neat storage cabinet for all the many accessories it came with. I’m so very overwhelmed so here are some pictures.

photo 1 (2) photo 4 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 2 (1)

This is the biggest foot pedal I’ve ever seen!
photo 2 photo 3I’m not going to touch this machine for days until I can watch the dvd. My stupid macbook wont play the dvd for some reason.

I have never bought a sewing machine at a dealer before. My purchases were all over the internet. I found that you can’t really buy these machines on the internet. I went into the store and they looked at me with my dirty, shabbily dressed children (it’s summer lol) and gave us that attitude that a mom with small children will get sometimes (probably rightfully so).  When they realized I meant business they warmed up to the children and I rather quickly. I did not know buying a sewing machine was such a long process. They go through all the stuff with you to make sure everything is there. You have to do a checklist and sign it. Plus they’ve already tested the machine so you don’t get a box with it. I also get free classes and discounts! I probably wont be able to take the classes due to lack of a babysitter, but I will figure out the machine myself. Thats part of the fun!

Also I’m 85% done with a pair of socks and its been less than 10 days. More on that later.

Wish me luck with the new machine y’all.

Has It Been That Long?

So we got our second bundle of fur in May. It’s been so long since I’ve finished knitting something that he has never seen a finished knit.

IMG_5161The poor puppy is alarmed.

“Whats this?”

IMG_5163“An object made out of the string I kept stealing?”

This required further investigation and some deeper sniffing.

Puppy’s first encounter with a knit. He’s been with us almost four months and this is the first thing I’ve finished. I started Frambuesa on April 29th. It’s an easy straight forward pattern that took me forever to complete. I will blame other crafts competing for my time and the addition of the pup that is bewildered by knits.

IMG_5200I had to mod this pattern just a little bit to fit my foot. I added a few stockinette stitches, and tried to retain the spacing of the diamond things.

IMG_5176After I finished these socks I told my husband that other knitters have husbands who can take good pictures of socks. Why can’t he. He says its because he didn’t have a camera as a  child. I blame a lack of drive to help his wife!  So I have to keep taking pictures of my socks on my own. I need to bite the bullet and buy a plastic foot on ebay.

The yarn is Hazel Knits Piquant Lite (my new favorite) in Citrus Blossom.

Now that I’ve got these babies completed it’s back to my Foxy Loop that has been languishing since December.