What’s Been Going On?

First of all I hope everyone had Happy Holidays. It went by in a whirlwind didn’t it? Next thing you know it will be summer and the cycle will start all over again. I’ve hit 35 and it feels like everything is going at warp speed.  Everything that is except my knitting. I finished socks tonight and they were a very simple pair. They took two months. I could use the holidays as an excuse but it really wasnt that. I think it’s because I’ve been doing too much sewing and cross stitching.  So without further ado we have Vanilla Latte Socks.

IMG_6427The yarn is my favorite workhorse yarn Austermann Step in color 31. The people at Austermann Step have it easy. They don’t have to think of cutesy name for yarn colors. I don’t think I could dye yarn because I couldn’t name it. I would just be like this is called Brown. Bam.

In other news I’ve become addicted to watching personal grooming videos on youtube. I use them to put me to sleep at night.  I love nail, hair, and makeup videos. I do learn things from them but some of them are just very soothing.

I am a product junkie. I love trying new things on my hair. Now I’ve moved on to nail polish. Sally’s was having a good sale on nail polish and I went a bit overboard. So now I have a nice stash of nail polish. I can’t think of a better way to start the new year.

Well Happy New Year



I just spent precious knitting time doing gusset decreases on two socks. Sounds great right? These socks have a short row heel.  I guess its been too long since I’ve done a short row heel. I just had to share my giant fail.

Shhh It’s A Secret

I made this for my mom to go along with her gift card for Christmas.

IMG_6248My mother loves gift cards and thinks the notion that they are impersonal is hogwash. Even so I wanted to include something from the heart.  Ice cream is the great love of her life other than her children. So she will know how much she means to me. I hope she likes it.


A Repeat Was Sewn

I’ve been on a quest to sew a good wallet lately. They have all had their little flaws and that has made me even more determined to get a good one made. I’ve probably spent about 40 dollars on patterns when all along the perfect wallet has been sitting quietly on the hard drive waiting for a second chance.

I made another Necessary Clutch Wallet. This time with the facebook group devoted to this wallet and the mistakes I made on the last one I was able to make a wallet that I’m happy with.


There were problems along the way and a few broken needles, but this version is vastly improved over my first try.


I’m done buying wallet patterns. I’ve got a nice little library now and the NCW is a pretty darn good little wallet.

I bought a few zipper pulls on etsy (they call them charms). IMG_6201I haven’t been knitting much lately due to the sewing frenzy. Now that the parade of wallets is over I might get in a few stitches.